Surf Garage is the complete online shop for all boardsports enthusiasts looking for high quality
equipments and accessories.
No matter what your level of riding, your expectations and your budget,
you will definitely find what you are looking for at Surf Garage ! Surf, Bodyboard, Skimboard and
more, you will find on Surf Garage a selection of various boards at very competitive prices available in
all Europe !

You can also find on Surf Garage a large range of surf accessories :

Surf fins, leashes, boardbags and travel bags for all types of surfboards : shortboards, hybrids, fishs,
longboards …

Auto accessories and screws for surfboards.

But also a large variety of accessories for bodyboarding : Leashes, plugs, bodyboard bags, fins and
many more !

Don’t miss our selection of wetsuits for all types of water sports !

Here are some of the brands you can find in our online surf shop : Salt Gypsy, Modern Surfboards,
Creative Army, Paipo, Nova, OK Bodyboard, Koalition.

We are working closely with these brands to ensure a constant stock and a varied choice of products
to offer you the best of Surf, Bodyboard, Skimboard and other gears !

Surf Garage’s team is available to provide you with technical assistance through our articles and
tutorials on equipment, practice tips and to help you make the best choice of hardware products.

Our customer service department, specialized in water sports, will be delighted to help you with any
questions you may have about our products and the delivery of your order.

2 thoughts on “ABOUT SURF GARAGE

  1. Hello,
    I am trying to purchase a fin but it brings out a message that I have not input a delivery method… but I can not find any field to enter delivery method. Can you please help? Thanks

    1. Hello,
      Normally when you are in your cart, you should see a field above the total price which says: “Calculate delivery cost”. You have to click on this field to choose the delivery method you would like to use. After this step, everything should be alright and you would be able to finish your purchase. If it does not work, contact me again i will check deeper why it does not work.

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