The Koalition Quick Release Screw System is the smartest accessory for your Center fin, you must have in your quiver and on all your single fins

Easy to install and to use, it allows you to quickly install, adjust and remove your fin on your mid Length, longboards and / or SUP boxes.

As it is permanently attached to your fin base, you will not lose the plates and it takes something like 5s to install or remove it.

It is made of Stainless Steel. You’ll find the following in the package :

1 x Allen Key

1 x Hexagonal grub screw

1 x T- Nut

1 x Spring

1 x Axis

First insert the Allen Key in the Grub Screw

Slightly tight the Grub Screw on the T-Nut’s side. The screw must not appear in the center hole of the T-Nut otherwise you can not insert the Axis.

Put the spring onto the axis and put it on your single fin base.

There is a small hole at the end of the axis make sure it’s lined up with the grub screw once you insert the axis into the T-Nut.

Tight the screw firmly so that the axis and the T-nut are connected.

The narrowest part of the T-Nut must always be on top.

See the video for more details.




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