This well rounded template is designed to strike a balance between speed, drive and maneuverability. Perfect for a wide range of conditions from beach breaks to point breaks, these fins are suited to all board types. The Honey Core K2 fin is compatible with FCS and Futures type boxes. Designed with Honey core this fin has a moderate flex that will ensure you make smooth turns. Very popular with surfers, this model will allow you to push your limits and take it to the next level.

3 pieces per set.



Fiberglass and honeycomb provide an excellent mix of flex, shape memory and lightness to make it a versatile and responsive fin.

System:  Futures


L –  85 à 100 Kg

Front Fin:

Base 118,28mm

Height 119mm

Rake 37,62 °

Foil Flat

Rear Fin:

Base 113mm

Height 113mm

Rake 39.12 °

Foil 50/50

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