Quads & Tri-Quads – Quad Rear:

Especially we do not surf with the 5 fins at the same time! Designed so that one can adapt to surf according to the conditions. 

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Switch freely from a quad-mount thruster assembly. For more speed and a higher hold on the wave, opt for the quad. Conversely, if you prefer more stability and better control, then opt for the thruster. For short, if you have the option to have a 5 end set, then go ahead. They are ideal for hollow waves and powerful beach breaks. Shortboards and hybrids are recommanded for these fins.

System: Futures

M –  65 à 85 Kg

Front Fin:

Base 116,1mm

Height 114,82mm

Rake 36,5 °

Foil Flat

Center Fin:

Base 108,01mm

Height 111,89mm

Rake 35,01 °

Foil 50/50

Quad Rear Fin:

Base 99,0mm

Height 99,6mm

Rake 30,5 °

Foil Flat

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