Pastel Pink

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Longboard fins – Pastel Pink:

The Pastel fin will add a unique touch of colour to your board. Designed for longboard, this fins will allow you to gain in stability and control.

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The Pastel Pink fins will allow you to learn how to drive your single smoothly. They offer excellent maneuverability thanks to their low rake, and their base is relatively large to propel you at breakneck speeds in the wave base. The fin which will suit all those who wish to acquire a Single or experienced surfers who are looking for a fin without having to break the bank. 



🇬🇧 One of the traditional fin constructions is fiberglass. The construction of these Pastel Pink fins involves laying up multiple layers of fiberglass cloth and resin and then cutting and foiling the fiberglass fin shape by hand. These fins are strong and can basically be made just as stiff or as flexible as you want them to be.

🇫🇷 L’une des constructions traditionnelles d’ailerons est la fibre de verre. La construction de ces ailerons Pastel Pink implique de superposer plusieurs couches de tissu en fibre de verre et de résine, puis de couper et de déjouer la forme de l’aileron en fibre de verre à la main. Ces ailerons sont solides et peuvent être rendus aussi rigides ou flexibles que vous le souhaitez.



🇬🇧 This fin is available in size 7.0″, 7.5″, 8.0″, 8.5″ and 9.0″.

🇫🇷 Cette dérive est disponible dans les tailles 7.0″, 7.5″, 8.0″, 8.5″ et 9.0″.



Size 7.0” 7.5” 8.0” 8.5”



1184 1185 1109 1086



Base: 5.08’’ – 128.8mm

Depth: 7.0’’ – 177.8mm

Base: 5.08’ – 129.11mm

Depth: 7.5’’ – 190.5mm

Base: 5.48’’ – 139.2mm

Depth: 8.0’’ – 203.2mm

Base : 5.38’’ – 136.7mm

Depth :8.46’’ – 214.95mm

Base : 6.5’’ – 165.4mm

Depth : 9.0’’ – 227.4mm

Construction Fiberglass Fiberglass Fiberglass Fiberglass



Pastel Blue available HERE.

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