Modern – Double Wide – SLX

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Modern Double Wide SLX

La Modern Double wide développé par Modern Surfboards, est une planche offrant plus de stabilité et la rame pour remonter sera facilitée. Plus de volume qui satisfera les surfeurs sur costauds ou ceux qui ont laissé la condition physique dans le placard.

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What happens when you take a longboard and make it shorter, and re-distribute the foam into the outline and thickness? Answer, you get the Modern Double Wide. This high volume mid-length surfboard offers great stability and exceptional paddle power for beginner-to-intermediate surfers.

OUTLINE: Generous nose outline up front with parallel rails, leading into a wide tail. Having maximum surface area gives this surfboard amazing side-to-side stability so it’s perfect for beginner and intermediate riders as they jump to their feet.

CONTOURS: Flat through the nose helps with early entry into softer waves, vee into double rolled concave in the back half of the board means more capable riders can still make flowing directional changes.

ROCKER: Relaxed through the entire length of the board with gentle lift in the nose and tail. This allows the board to paddle exceptionally well, catch waves easily, and maintain forward flow even in the white-water, while still allowing the board to turn in a smooth arc.

FOIL: Boxy rails and a high-volume foil from nose-to-tail means this board will sit high on the water making it perfect for maintaining speed and distance in smaller conditions.

PERFORMANCE: Built using our SLX construction which produces a light, responsive, versatile surfboard that is very sensitive under foot and rides well in a wide variety of conditions.

Available in three key sizes, the Modern Double Wide is perfect for anyone looking for the stability and paddle power of a longboard in a more manageable size board.


NOTE: Rider weight is based on board volume and intermediate rider skill level

7’4″ 22″ 3 3/4″ 72ltr 9″ Centre and FCSII Performer rears 176lbs / 85kg or less
8’4″ 23″ 3 7/8″ 89tr 9″ Centre and FCSII Performer rears 209lbs / 95kg
9’2″ 23 3/4″ 4″ 105tr 9″ Centre and FCSII Performer rears 220lbs / 100kg


Construction SLX Epoxy SLX construction produces a controlled flex pattern by combining the versatility of epoxy materials with the added advantage of reduced weight. The Modern Double Wide SLX surfboard has an EPS core with a high-grade timber stringer, which is laminated by hand using epoxy resign, biaxial fiberglass and a specialized construction process. Featuring a high strength-to-weigh ratio, and designs CNC milled directly from the shapers files. SLX boards feel light, responsive and are very sensitive under your feet. These boards are extremely versatile, easy to ride, and can be used in wide variety of conditions.
Board Contours Vee Double
Rail Full Rail
Surfer Skill Level Beginner – Intermediate
Wave Height 1-6ft

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