Keel Quad Malachite- FCS/FUTURES


Keel Quad Malachite

Designed to add more control and speed, this fin will help you getting the next step on your board !

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Keel Quad Malachite

The keel quad Malachite will perform on high volume boards. The width of the two main fins allows maximum speed to be generated in addition to offering control in curves firmly pressed on the rail. This set of 4 fins, sold in size M, is ideal for point breaks and reef breaks.

Available in both fin systems FCS and Futures.

System: FCS/Futures

M –  85 à 100 Kg

Front Fin:

Base 122,0mm

Height 123,5mm

Rake 37,25 °

Foil Flat

Rear Fin:

Base 89,5mm

Height 77,25mm

Rake 37,57 °

Foil Flat

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