Housse de surf longboard Koalition


La housse longboard Koalition est sans aucun doute la meilleure housse que vous pourrez trouver. Un rapport / qualité prix imbattable, des caractéristiques que vous trouverez certes sur les autres marques mais pas uniquement.

Jugez en par vous-même :

  • 1 face en Polyester 600D afin d’assurer une meilleure protection
  • 1 face en tarpaulin argenté pour limiter l’impact des rayons du soleil
  • Mousse haute densité de 5mm pour protéger contre les impacts
  • Doublure en tarpaulin
  • Fermeture nylon

Vous en voulez encore ?

  • Poche interne pour y glisser de la wax, des clés etc…
  • Protection de rails
  • Sangle ajustable et démontable
  • Nose renfocé
  • Poignée de portage matelassée
  • Triple coutures sur les bordures
  • Passage dérive à partir des housses Mid Length
Donc tout ça fait que nous pensons que les housses Koalition sont les meilleures housses de surf du marché. Regardez les autres housses Day Covers disponibles sur le marché et vous verrez que les Housse de surf Koalition sont les mieux placées en prix et en technicité.

🇬🇧 The Koalition Surf Day Bags are the best day bags for your favorite longboard you can find on the market.

They feature all the specs that you usually won’t find on other brands:

  • Heat reflective Silver Tarpaulin shell
  • 5mm High Density PE Padding
  • Waterproof and Waxproof lining in Tarpaulin
  • Inner pocket
  • Adjustable and removable shoulder strap

and also:

  • Padded shoulder pad
  • Padded carry handle
  • Zipper hood
  • Reinforced nose and tail
  • Triple stitches on the edges
  • Rustproof dual zippers
  • Fin slot

They are available in 4 sizes (8’0″ – 9’0″ – 9’4″ and 10’0″) and 2 different designs (Checker and Waikiki)

When you carefully look at all the other bags sold by major brands you will notice that they will save costs here and there, and at the end you wont have some small details that can make the difference.

They also focus on premium quality materials, heavy duty zippers, perfect fit for your precious beauty.

It will be perfect for the everyday trip whether you’re walking, biking, or driving to the beach.

It is super reliable. The 5mm high density padding throughout, will protect your surfboard from harmful UV rays and unnecessary heat, unwanted dings and damages.

With a generously padded carry handle and an adjustbale and removable shoulder strap no doubts you will appreciate its features while travelling.

The zipper hood will protect your board from dings caused on the rail of your board by the zipper.

So no doubts that the Koalition day bags are great bags for daily use.


Tip : when you travel with a coffin bag (multiple board bag), it is always great to put each board in an individual day bag to ensure maximum protection. Well that’s what we do !

All our bags are cut slightly longer so a  board will  fit in the bag without problem. Per example, a 9’2 log will perfectly fit in a 9.0 Koalition Day bag.

About Koalition Surf:

Koalition Surf is a French label born and raised in the bask country. They first started to be known in 2015 with their fabric inlayed single fins.

Step by step, they have been asked to add more products such as thruster fins, traction pads, leashes, boardbag etc…Now Koalition is sold in different countries and well established in France.
Their products are always well priced and they offer premium quality products.

Poids ND
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8'0", 9'0", 9'4", 10'0"


Checker, Waikiki


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