These ESS G5 fins are designed to add speed, stability and control. They suitable for shortboards, and mid-length and they can be used in all types of conditions.


FRP Stands for Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer. This construction takes the what you call “plastic fins” to an all new level. The polymer is injected with fiberglass flakes to create a fin with unbeatable features. They are stiffer, they have a more controlled flex and they are durable.

Designed to enhance controlled flex and responsiveness, while providing remarkable memory and durability.  The FRP G5 design creates drive from the rake and base, while allowing pivot with the narrow tips and smaller center fin.

These fins offer the perfect compromise between speed and maneuverability.

The thruster FRP G5 is a versatile fin ideal for a maximum of riders and boards. They offer excellent control thanks to their low rake, and their base is relatively large to propel you at breakneck speeds in the wave base. This fins is the perfect deal without having to break the bank.


Front Fin:

Base       111mm

Depth     116mm

Rake       33,4 °

Foil         Flat

Rear Fin:

Base       111mm

Depth     116mm

Rake       33,4 °

Foil         50/50

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