Hybrid grips – Black grip:

The formulation we have developed for EVA foam makes it neither too abrasive nor too soft. The hardness remains stable depending on the different temperatures. The angle of the kick has also been worked to allow to have better supports in the surf. And finally, we only use 3m glue to guarantee a better grip.

We recommend that you apply the grips on a clean and degreased stand and wait at least 12 hours before going surfing.

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🇬🇧 The main function of the surf grip is to offer more grip for your feet, while limiting the use of wax. This 3 pieces black grip is extra large and benefits from an excellent control / comfort compromise with the Corduroy grip technology .

Koalition Project uses high quality E.V.A foam for its surf pads to provide excellent grip, great lightness and a pad that does not absorb water.

The glue used for the grips is a marine grade glue labeled 3M which guarantees a better hold and a stronger fixation of the grip on your board.

🇫🇷 La principale fonction d’un grip est d’offrir plus de grip a nos pieds lors de manoeuvres. Ce grip noir de surf 3 pieces est extra large et bénéficie d’un excellent compromis contrôle/confort avec le grip Corduroy Groove.

Koalition Project utilise pour ses pads de surf une mousse E.V.A haute qualité pour offrir un excellent grip, une grande légèreté et un pad qui n’absorbe pas l’eau. La colle utilisée pour les grips est une colle de qualité marine labellisée 3M qui garantit une plus grande tenue et une fixation plus forte du grip sur votre board. 


Dims: 305 x 305.5mm

Grooves: Diamond/Corduroy

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