In theory, installing a leash on a surfboard is easy.

In practice... this must not be the case, given the number of incorrectly installed leashes.

We'll now take you step-by-step through the process of installing a leash on your board.

What do we need?

  • A leash
  • A railsaver cord
  • 1 surfboard


1. Insert the loop of the railsaver cord into the insert at the rear of the board (tail)

2. Form a loop

3. Insert the end into the loop

4. Pull on the end to tighten the cord around the stainless steel shaft of the leash plug.

5. Untie the cord and position the knot lower down

6. Open your railsaver and insert it up to the strap located between the soft part of the Velcro and the hook part of the Velcro.

7. Fold back the railsaver and close the

8. Check that only the railsaver is in contact with the tail of the board

An incorrectly adjusted cord can have dramatic consequences for your surfboard.

If the cord is too long and in direct contact with your board's rail, it may cut your tail when pulled hard.

Your leash is equipped with a railsaver. As its name suggests, this is the tool used to protect your board's rail at the tail.

Did you know that Velcro is an acronym for "Velvet" and "Hook"?