Malachite Keels – FCS / Futures


Twins & Keels – Malachite keels:

This malachite Keels model has been designed with one idea in mind: offering a model that will be the ultimate balance between progressive surf and old school feel. This keel fins feature a longer base and less depth than twin fins. They will provide a lot of speed, drive, and stability . They are often found on classic fish and mini Simmons boards.

UGS : 2081 - 2082-1 Catégories : , , , Étiquettes : , , , ,


The Malachite keels are characterized by their flex and reactivity. Fiberglass technology guarantees great durability and increased speed gain. A versatile model that will adapt to Retro but also to more modern twins. We like the very good quality / price ratio.

System: FCS / Futures

M –  50 à 85 Kg

Front Fin:

Base 157,5mm

Height 116,5mm

Rake 40,7 °

Foil Flat

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