How to choose your fins ?

How to choose your surf boards fins ?

How to choose your surfboard fins ? Size, Systems, Construction ? Stop searching ! Surf Garage is here to guide you in choosing the right fins for your surfboard !


Why is it important to choose the right fin set?

Therefore, it is important to take into account all the essential parameters in the choice of your fins but it is also necessary to understand why these parameters are decisive to your practice and your progress as a surfer!

First of all, don’t neglect the role that your fins can play during your surf sessions. You can have the most amazing quiver or the best board in the world, but if your fins are not properly chosen you will not be able to take advantage of all the features and potential your board has to offer.

Know your surfboard’s fin system:

The first parameter to take into account is of course to know which fin system is integrated to your surfboard. There are 4 major fin systems also called “Box systems” which are the following ones :

The different surf fin systems :

– FCS1 and FCS2 :

FCS 1 : One of the most used systems in the history of the surf industry. The fin is held in place by two screws pressing on the box. Find all our FCS1 fins here !

FCS 2 : Is the 2.0 version of the FCS1 system, no more need for screws. Simply push the fins into the box/plugs, the fins are securely held in place by a roller in the fin box that fits into a notch in the fin ! (However, for optimal safety, we advise you to add a safety screw to your FCS2 plugs. To do this, simply use the FCS1/FCS2 conversion kit which includes screws and adapters to secure your fins.) Please note that FCS2 systems are fully compatible with FCS1 daggerboard models. Find all our FCS2 compatible fins here !

– Futures fins system :

Is a single pressure screw system on the top of the plug. Find all of our Futures Fins compatible fins here !

– US-Box fins system :

Integrated into longboards and mid-length/malibus surfboards, the US Box fin system is the oldest system. The fin is inserted with a screw anchor, then can be moved to the desired location and finally fixed with a screw. The system can be unique on the board for single fin practice or combined with other lateral fin systems like FCS or Futures. Find here all our fins for US Box systems for longboards and mid-lenghts.

The different fins setups :

Thruster/Tri Fin :

The Thruster setup with 3 fins is the most common setup on performance surfboards and shortboards nowadays. The tri-fin setup is designed to offer performance, control and maneuverability to beginner and expert surfers alike.

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Twin Fin :

The Twin Fin setup is as its name suggests a double fin configuration. Better suited to small to medium sized, gentle waves, this setup allows small board surfers to get more speed and bring a playful, maneuverable feel to the board. The double fins offer a longer and more extended turn feel.

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Quad or Quattro :

The quad configuration with 4 fins also offers speed in small waves by channelling the water towards the edge of the board and out through the tail to accelerate the movement. This setup is perfect to generate drive in turns.

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The shape parameters and characteristics of a fin :

The height or “Depth” of the fin: The height of a fin is measured naturally from the base to the upper edge. The higher your fin is, the more stability and comfort it will bring you. On the other hand, a shorter fin will offer you a wider range of maneuvers.


Tilt or Sweep:
The sweep is the distance that the leading edge of a fin curves backwards. Fins with a softer sweep help propel the board with stability but will not be predisposed to make fast, tight turns. On the other hand, fins with a large rake angle allow your board to grip in tighter turns, but they will be more playful.


The length of the fin base is the widest point of the fin. The length of the base, like other features, can affect how the board will react to turns and pick up speed. The longer the base, the more speed you will get and the longer the turns you will make.



Choosing the size of your fins:
Your weight is the most important factor in determining the size of fin you will choose.
Once you have determined this weight range, use the chart below to identify the fin size that is suitable for you.